“Rauan” LLP has been operating on Kazakhstan’s market for more than 18 years, the date of establishment is May 5, 1998. “Rauan” LLP has three major high-tech factories for the production of beverages and water in South Kazakhstan region. The factories meet the international production standards, the products are produced using the latest foreign equipment of the well-known World Brands.

The company has a solid reputation for quality products manufacturer, capable of providing the consumer products in required quantities, without failures and limitations. Soft drinks plant “Rauan” highlights the wide range of products, high knowledge of consumer market requirements, the smooth organization and a strong financial condition of the company, responsive to the needs of the consumer.

The products of “Rauan” LLP are targeted at the segment of population with average income. The products are certified to the ISO 9001: 2009 international standard, and they have “KHALAL” Certificate, confirming that the entire production cycle is carried out under the control of KHALAL standards.

With its location in the administrative center of the region with a population of 3.5 million. People, the company was able to increase production and seize the sincere sympathy of consumers. After nearly two decades many people in the solar Shymkent easily recognize the taste of drinks, familiar from childhood.


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One-and-a-half hollow bricks

For individuals

28тгfor 1 brick
  • ±4 tenge

For legal entities

32тгfor 1 brick
  • ±4 tenge

The plant has high-tech production, which is based on the traditional method of plastic molding of products from properly prepared clay mass, followed by drying and firing.

The special feature of technology is production automation. Production capacity is 15 million ordinary bricks per year.

Equipment used in the production of bricks

2005-2006 – equipment of Ukrainian production with Turkish furnace devices

2007 – high-tech equipment of the company “Arsan” produced in Turkey

In addition, at the plant the latest technology for quarry development and delivery of raw materials is used.

Raw materials used in the production of bricks

1) Main raw material – widely used local loess

2) Addition – plastic clay

Note: The technology has been developed on the basis of the author’s certificate No.11912 and No.7984 of the National Patent Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Distinctive Features of Technology

  1. Adding supplements to increase technological and ceramic properties of main raw materials and to improve physical and mechanical indicators of the finished product;
  2. Careful processing of masses;
  3. Aging furnace charge for homogenizing and averaging humidity;
  4. Using polychord cutting for adobe bricks;
  5. The use of batching devices enabled us to mechanize fuel supply to the oven and adjust the temperature in the burning zone.

Advantages of the products of “Rauan7” LLP as compared to other similar manufacturers:

  1. The quality of the product;
  2. Sharp edges;
  3. The full technological cycle of raw materials processing


At the brick plant “Rauan” there is a laboratory for studying and research on the selection of raw materials, determining technological and ceramic properties of raw materials and products.

The laboratory is certified by the SKB of “National Center for Expertise and Certification” JSC and has the certificate of conformity

No. 2339387 dated March 20, 2007.

In addition, in 2006 the plant obtained the certificate of quality management system ISO 9001: 2000. Due to this the plant’s products meet international quality standards and are competitive not only in the market of South Kazakhstan, but also in other regions of the country.

Main products of the plant are:

  1. Ceramic bricks:

Ordinary solid bricks K-O 125/15/gost 530-95 (250х120х65mm)

Product weight: 3,2 кг.

  1. Ceramic bricks:

Ordinary hollow bricks KP-O 125/15/gost 530-95 (250х120х65mm)

Product weight: 2.8 kg.

  1. Ceramic bricks:

Thickened solid K-U 125/15/gost 530-95 (250х120х88mm)

Product weight: 4,3 кг.

  1. Ceramic bricks:

Thickened hollow KP-U 125/15/gost530-95(250х120х88mm)

Product weight: 3,8 кг.

  1. Ceramic stones К 125/15/gost 530-95 (250х120х138mm)

Product prices directly depend on the amount of the order!

The Objectives, Forecasts and New Products

“Rauan-7” is the only plant in South Kazakhstan that produces custom lot of high heat bricks made of local raw materials for use in furnaces with high temperature up to 1300 degrees Celsius.

(Brick brand – M 200)

The plant also plans to establish the supply of goods on pallets and in stretch wrapping to reduce flaws during transportation of products.

The purpose of the plant: to meet the needs of enterprises engaged in construction and reconstruction of industrial, public facilities, housing as well as population, to provide high quality ceramic bricks, to take on and retain the segment of building materials.